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Looking for a reputable company with a long history of professional services and customer satisfaction?

Portland Chimney provides services to thousands of customers every year!

For well over 35 years Portland Chimney has performed chimney repair and cleaning throughout the Portland Metro area.

Welcome and we look forward to providing you service from the initial call to providing a free estimate for the job, performing the service and completing cleanup in a timely and quality manner.

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Is Your Chimney To Code?

Fire investigators estimate that 40% of house fires that start from the chimney, start in the smoke chamber.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 211 Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Fuel Burning Appliances 2010 Edition. The inner surfaces of the smoke chamber shall be parge coated smooth, with an insulating refractory mortar.

Per section code states that masonry chimneys shall be lined.

For more facts and information on smoke chambers, wood burning fireplaces, and industry guidelines, click on our flyer below.

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Did You Know?

– CHIMNEY SWIFTS are the only bird which can fly straight up and down, and they find a perfect nesting spot on the inside of your chimney. They are also on the endangered species list and cannot be removed. A chimney cap can be installed to prevent the return of chimney swifts. For more information, see our chimney swifts page.

– PROPER FUEL is important for the quality of your fire as well as the longevity of your fireplace. Consult a professional wood provider and/or FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) for resources on fireplace safety.

– A WOOD STOVE TAX CREDIT is currently available for those installing a new wood burning fireplace under the biomass tax credit.


A chimney fire right before Christmas put a damper on our holidays, and a recent windstorm added insult to injury by blowing our chimney cap off! The folks at Portland Chimney came through like heroes, and got us all fixed up in the midst of the holidays and with fairly short notice. Special thanks to Earl and Angelica for the prompt, polite service!

Eddie K.

During a windstorm we had a tree crush our Mt Hood cabin, decimating our chimney. Portland Chimney was very responsive, and had Earl come out to inspect the damage and give us an estimate for repair. We were concerned about getting the work done before winter snow began, and they flexed beautifully to accommodate. Trevor did a beautiful job on the chimney. He also installed a new wood stove, which we look forward to checking out once the chimney has cured. Kayleigh and Angelica did an excellent job of communicating and keeping the project on track. We very much appreciated all of their work.

Ellen J.

Portland Chimney and Masonry is the definition of skilled superb customer service. Our 1947 chimney was seriously degraded, with trickling leaks into the attic. Manuel and Graham handled the replacement of our chimney. They took the old one completely apart, where I could see sky from the attic, then they built a nice looking, very well sealed replacement to code with a top designed to ward off intruding rain. They showed up for the job on time, stayed focused on the task all day, cleaned up meticulously when they were done, discussed the job in detail with us, they were open and friendly to deal with. The office folks are friendly both on the phone and when you stop in to see them – and please do! You might not need chimney work right now but a week from now a friend of yours or a small business owner might tell you they’re looking for masonry or chimney work from people they can trust – tell them to call or go meet the folks at Portland Chimney and Masonry.

Jack R.

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