Two outdoor chairs and a table sitting near a lit fireplace.

Our Story

For over 35 years, we’ve serviced & repaired chimneys all over the Portland Metro area! The Portland Chimney staff offer quality service, customer education, and professional craftsmanship to provide you with a long lasting product. Have you ever wondered the benefits of having a fireplace? Brick fireplaces for wood burning fuel can be used as a heat source during the winter months. Wood stoves can be used to cook on, or very efficiently heat your home. Brick and mortar often adds a whole new aesthetic to the home. There’s just something special about chimneys!


Portland is graced with beautifully built chimneys. From minor repairs to Historic Restoration our Professional Masons can handle it all!

Meet the Staff

Mason: Trevor

Mason: Dan

Estimator and OCSA Certified Chimney Sweep: Earl

Operations Manager, Mason, Estimator, OCSA Certified Chimney Sweep: Angelica