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Looking for a reputable company with a long history of professional services and customer satisfaction?

Portland Chimney provides services to thousands of customers every year!

For well over 25 years Portland Chimney has performed chimney repair and cleaning throughout the Portland Metro area.

Welcome and we look forward to providing you service from the initial call to providing a free estimate for the job, performing the service and completing cleanup in a timely and quality manner.

Free Estimates

* Chimney sweeping * Chimney inspections * Chimney caps & dampers * Waterseals * Chimney repair * Chimney rebuild * Masonry services * Historic restorations * And more *

Did you know?

- CHIMNEY SWIFTS are the only bird which can fly straight up and down, and they find a perfect nesting spot on the inside of your chimney. They are also on the endangered species list and cannot be removed. A chimney cap can be installed to prevent the return of chimney swifts. For more information, see The Audubon Society page.

- DAMPERS are the door inside your chimney above the fire burning area. Always make sure your damper door is fully open before starting a fire.

- A WOOD STOVE TAX CREDIT is currently available for those installing a new wood burning fireplace under the biomass tax credit. See the IRS form for details



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